Welcome to Kinship!

Kinship is a private 18+ fantasy play-by-post roleplaying game -- we offer an environment for what is essentially collaborative storywriting where each writer ("player") controls the thoughts, speech, and behavior of only the characters they create/own as they explore the world, meet new people, and grow and develop through various experiences. You can learn a bit about the world below; if you like what you see, you can request access (or affiliation) here!

About Us

  • Our game is owned by Signe and has been open since November 26, 2019.
  • We are currently home to 4 players, 26 characters, and 8 Astrofel.
  • We are a laid-back community of adults from many different walks of life, backgrounds, and life experiences.
  • Our activity level as a site depends on a variety of factors including the muse, available time, and real life commitments of our players, but is generally slower with bursts of activity when real life allows.
  • Our game is set in Ognos, "The Land of Wolves" -- an isolated island country ten years post civil war. The country is currently experiencing perpetual darkness as a result of a goddess's curse.
  • There are three races: Humans, who are more populous and utilize technology to advance their society; Valka, who are capable of shifting into a single animal form and possess magic rooted in nature; and Amalgams, the mixed blood offspring of Humans and Valka.
  • Ognos has five territories, each with a different biome and each ruled by a human duchy that has pledged loyalty to the High King. The five ruling families are: Amosi of the Burning North, Wilcke of the Miry West, Dali of the Prosperous Middles, Vorhees of the Craggy East, and Winterborne of the Frozen South.
  • Each race can bond with a specific type of Astrofel, magical beings unique to Ognos that act as their familiar. Humans typically bond with Spirits, brightly colored Astrofel who feed on magic, while Valka better connect with Shades, dully colored and cannibalistic Astrofel. Hespers, like Amalgam, are hybrids and typically seek out a hybrid partner.


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