Silver Coast
all coastal and ocean areas
The Silver Cove, the old popular visitor destination, is the picture of pure serenity. Tropical blue water laps against silver-white sand which slowly converts to shimmering colourful shingle closer to the edge of the cliffs. Small rock and sand islands come and go with the tide. It's always warm here, even in the winter. Further along the coastline are Midnight Shores, the Dolphin Lagoon and the royal and pirate docks. Out to sea are numerous islands, including Apeliotes, and a range of underwater areas to explore like the reef.

out to sea
The Santiago, Zed's ship
Skollbrodur, Rhaegar's ship
Windchaser, Graeling's yacht
Loveinden, Bohdi's yacht
royal docks
Sigyn, Eskel's ship
The Ibis, Thoth's ship
Akhet, Thoth's sailboat
The Cerridwen, Henry's ship
Silfrmerr, Elina's sailboat
pirate docks
Creature's Revenge, Ripkar's ship
The Widowmaker, Ewan's ship
Feral, Nephthys' ship

Henry, Privateer, Captain of Cerridwen
Inara, Resident, NPC Pirate Ship
Theon, Resident, Out at Sea
Iodine, Resident, Cerridwen
Ewan, Pirate Lord, The Widowmaker
Dracerdis, Pirate, Drakon
Anaisa, Pirate, Drakon
Badessy, Pirate, Drakon
Marinette, Pirate, Drakon
Ghede, Pirate, Drakon
Henry, Privateer, Captain of Cerridwen
Ewan, Pirate Lord, The Widowmaker
Dracerdis, Pirate Lord
Luke, Shipwright

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located here
  • Silver Cove: a beautiful, tropical coastline, the Silver Cove remains warm with white sandy beaches throughout the year. This is a popular place for fairies to relax and have fun.
    • Royal Docks: ships owned by law-abiding citizens use the royal docks as a base.
  • Dolphin Lagoon: further along the coast, Dolphin Lagoon is former pirate territory which the Crown regained control over when the floodwaters receded. Remnants of pirate forts and outposts provide good places to explore, while tame dolphins in the lagoon allow fairies to swim alongside them.
  • Midnight Shores: when the floodwaters receded, Midnight Shores was reclaimed by the pirate factions and now forms the base for the pirate docks. Sheltered and well-defended, it is inadvisable for law-abiding fairies to trespass here.
    • Pirate Docks: ships owned by pirates use the pirate docks as a base.
  • Apeliotes Island: since the floodwaters receded, pirate and royal expeditions have been sent to try and claim Apeliotes Island, the old pirate base, but neither side has been successful. The surface is still devastated, but the labyrinth of underground caves conceals many secrets.
  • Lost Inlet: the ruins of the old Star Academy are still erect here. Some fairies are campaigning to try and restore the academy, either into a new school or into a public library, but for now it remains desolate.
  • Open Ocean: the wide open ocean offers many adventures for sailors and strong swimmers.
    • Santiago Daycare: Zed's ship offers free daycare to anyone. Has anyone... seen Zed lately?
  • Reef: an ideal underwater meeting point for those with the ability to survive below the waves. The Reef contains a vibrant variety of marine plant and animal life.
  • The Beach Cafe: an overpriced cafe has been set up on the beach. It's a popular meeting and date spot.
  • The Dock Office: Need your ship repaired? Want a new boat? Need maritime supplies? Luke can help you out at the Dock Office. A small wooden shack with its own jetty and mooring, the dock office is based near the royal docks but the shipwright will help anyone in need of his services.