Divine Encounters/Prayers

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Characters may run in to deities at almost any time during regular in-character posting; they might be a character they meet, or a "NPC" spotted in the background. Meeting them may be an impactful experience, or something more mundane. If a character would prefer a guaranteed interaction, they can choose to a more direct method of interaction through this catalyst.


  1. Read over the abilities and restrictions for Deities here.
  2. Fill out the template below to initiate this catalyst; this can be done on the Support Board or on Discord.
  3. Support will check the possible deities and respond accordingly.
    • Due to the heavily creative nature of this catalyst, it may take Support longer to formulate responses and set tasks than the average mini-game. Your patience is appreciated!
    • Support may reach out through your support channel on Discord to ask clarifying questions, ask about possible responses if more than one option seems plausible, etc.


Character Name:

Requested Deity:


Item(s), Offers, Notes:

What to Expect

  • Unless you use an item or offer, there is no guarantee that the deity your character is attempting to petition will respond; it will depend entirely on their individual personality and what they may be up to.
    • You may receive no response, or another deity may respond in their stead.
    • Including an in-character post about your character attempting to contact a deity will greatly increase the odds of your selected deity responding; this is not required, but is strongly recommended.
  • How willing a deity is to favorably fulfill a request depends on a variety of factors; deities are unpredictable by nature and they are not a vending machine -- they should not be relied on for day-to-day needs, but rather, "big ticket" items, favors, etc.
  • Everything has a price: characters may be tasked with completing quests, sacrificing something they love, exploring a deep or uncomfortable part of themselves, dedicating themselves to the deity for life or a period of time, or even owing them a favor in the future.
    • Divine Encounters and Prayers will often provide players with challenging character development opportunities; you'll be encouraged to deeply explore your character's motivations, morality, and more.
    • The difficulty of the experience is equivalent to the potential prizes, meaning there are some really extreme rewards possible!