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This mini-game allows characters to help explore and map the island of New Ognos; it is often a high risk but also high reward experience.


  1. Fill out the template below to initiate the mini-game; this can be done on the Support Board or on Discord.
  2. The Support Team will use the Expeditions Generator to generate results; you will receive a prompt for each day of travel.
  3. You must reply to at least one prompt for every 2 days (10 days of travel = 5 prompt replies), answering all prompts will grant you bonuses.
  4. Notify Support via your support channel when you're ready to finalize your results!


  • All Expeditions require a coin pouch, from which all losses will be deducted and all earnings will be added.
  • You can choose to fund your own Expedition, or receive funding from one of our Guilds.
  • If you fund your own Expedition, you can risk your full bank or set a specific cap.
  • If you choose Guild Funding, you will receive 100c per day, per character participating.
    • A solo explorer exploring for 3 days will receive a starting purse of 300c; a party of two exploring for 3 days will receive a starting purse of 600c.
    • At the end of your adventure, the Guild will negotiate with you for a percentage of your earnings.
  • Your Expedition will end if you run out of funds.


  • Coin purses are split evenly amongst all participants, you can work out alternate arrangements privately if desired.
  • Items, pets, progression, etc. will be kept by the individual who earned it, unless other arrangements are made.


Character Name(s): Expeditions can be Solo or Groups of up to 3 members; Groups can include NPCs or Player Characters.


Pets: Bring up to 2 pets for the Expedition; must be assigned to character.

Days of Travel: Must be an even number between 2 and 20.

Area: Must be Beach, Forest, Mountains, or Grasslands/Savanna

Requests/Goals: Optional, we cannot guarantee we can fulfill these but are happy to keep them in mind during generation!

Notes, Items, or Other: