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Guilds are organizations that characters can join to access community, training, exclusive quests, special discounts, and collective benefits in pursuit of professional or social goals. After joining, characters can work together with their guildmates or take on individual tasks to help level up their Guild, unlocking and enhancing member benefits.

Joining a Guild

  • Characters can join a guild at any time by filling out the form on the #join-a-guild Discord channel. Support will grant you access to the appropriate guild channel and add your character to the guild's roster. From then on, you'll be able to contribute towards guild progress and access guild rewards.
  • Each character may currently join only one guild. You can purchase the ability to switch guilds from the Marketplace.

Earning Progression Points

These may be adjusted as needed to ensure a balanced challenge that helps guilds set stretch goals, but don't feel unattainable. If you have feedback to this effect please contact Signe via DM!

  • Recruiting a new member: 10GP
    • Automatically added to the guild each time a new character joins.
  • In Character Posts: RNG 10 - 25GP
    • Post must directly include the guild in some way; ex: interacting with guildmates, performing guild duties, etc.
  • Individual Guild Quests: RNG 15 - 30GP
    • Participation points (added to In Character Post points where applicable)
  • Cooperative Guild Quests: RNG 25 - 50GP
    • Participation points per player (added to In Character Post points where applicable)
  • Characters can also earn GP as a reward for participating in mini-games, events, and guild specials!

Guild Levels

Level 0


  • At least 1 player character must join the guild.


  • Unlocks Guild Shop; guild members receive a 2% discount at the shop.
  • Characters may begin earning Guild Points for the guild.
  • Characters can participate in Individual Guild Quests & Career Mini-games.
  • Guild Events may be periodically posted for any/all characters to participate in.

Level I (50GP)


  • Guild members receive a 5% discount at the shop.
  • Adds a Skill Mentor NPC to the guild; receive training from this NPC for a 2% discount on specific Talents.

Level II (100GP)


  • Characters can add up to 3 items they've created or earned to the guild shop; proceeds are automatically deposited into their personal bank (or guild bank, if preferred).
  • Adds a new Non-Player Character to the guild's ranks, this NPC can be brought along for mini-games. Money and items earned by this NPC during events will be added to the guild bank for free use.
  • Polls may occasionally be posted to allow players to determine how to use guild funds/items; ex: recruiting new NPCs, funding expeditions, etc.
  • All members receive a randomly generated reward, including but not limited to custom items or pets.

Level III (200GP)


  • Guild members receive a 10% discount at the shop.
  • Training with a Skill Mentor earns a 5% discount on specific Talents.
  • Items added to the shop by characters can be auctioned off at player request; items will be sold to another faction or non-player character, or exported to another country. The guild takes a percentage of your sales.

Level IV (350GP)


  • Adds the Auto Auction feature; items added to the shop by characters can be automatically auctioned off after 1 month.
  • Guild shop is increased by +3 spaces.
  • Members can purchase a room in the guild hall for 1500c. Guild rooms may occasionally receive special events, including prize drops, post prompts, and more.
  • Non-Player Characters may occasionally collect resources for the shop and participate in mini-games on their own.

Level V (600GP)

  • A second Skill Mentor is recruited, offering a wider variety of discounted Talents.
  • Adds a new Non-Player Character to the guild's ranks, this NPC can be brought along for mini-games. Money and items earned by this NPC during events will be added to the guild bank for free use.
  • Guild members receive a 15% discount at the shop.

Level VI (1000GP)

  • Training with a Skill Mentor earns a 10% discount on specific Talents.
  • Unlocks Legendary Quests -- these expansive quest lines grant powerful, unique rewards including extreme status and renown within the guild.
  • Increases the guild shop's inventory, including available quantity and carried products
  • Grants a custom reward to all members of the guild, including items, pets, Talents, and more.

Beyond Level VI

We plan to continue growing the guild progression system in various ways, so additional levels will most likely be added in the future! :)


The Assembly of Knowledge (Scholars)

  • The Assembly of Knowledge is dedicated to the pursuit of knowledge and enlightenment; an enclave of inquisitive minds, this guild is a sanctuary for those who seek to uncover the hidden truths of the world. Read more about the Assembly.

The Crafter's Coalition (Crafters)

  • The Crafter's Coalition stands as a bastion of skilled artisans and craftsmen, dedicated to the art of creation and innovation. Their mission is to push the boundaries of craftsmanship, shaping the realm with their ingenuity and skill. Read more about the Coalition.

Order of Seekers (Adventurers)

  • The Adventurers Guild brings together explorers, wanderers, and thrill seekers, supporting their exploits while promoting courage, camaraderie, and discovery. Their mission is to forge new paths, uncover mysteries, and push the boundaries of the unknown. Read more about the Seekers.

Wild Wardens (Tamers)

  • The Wild Wardens seek to build bonds of trust and respect between Ognoshu and beasts, working in harmony with these creatures for the benefit of all. Their mission is to promote unity, conservation, and compassion. Read more about the Wild Wardens.

Create Your Own / Future Guilds

  • We plan to add additional guilds in future -- these may be discovered during Seasons, mini-games, etc. or released when we hit certain character/player milestones.
    • When additional guilds are established, players will have the ability to change membership into the new guild at a discount.
    • We may also allow characters to join multiple guilds in future, depending on interest.
    • If you have any ideas or suggestions for future guilds, please let us know!
  • Characters may also found their own guilds by gathering three or more characters and filling out the form on the #submissions channel. The three characters must be played by different people, however, one character can be a NPC.