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Ignean are the dominant race in Pyraheim, a volatile volcanic country.

Non-core races like this one require special permission to be joined, as well as a purchase from the Marketplace. In addition to their innate abilities, characters may elect to participate in either the magic or nanite trees or purchase a custom tree. There are no restrictions for Guilds, careers, or other progression systems. This race may join with 1 free animal partner from the species below, which would replace an Astrofel. If preferred, they can instead bond with an Ognos Astrofel at any time after joining, or purchase a different animal partner from the Marketplace. Animal partners will follow the Astrofel progression tree for the Affliction of your choosing; you may also purchase a custom progression tree if preferred.

Country of Origin: Pyraheim

Physical Traits:

  • Ignean appear more human-like than some races with thick, tough skin that glows softly with an inner heat.
    • Their skin, hair, and eyes are typically shades of red, orange, purple, or black.
    • Piebald/patterned skin is common, but eye and hair color always matches.
    • Ignean are tall, averaging 6 feet tall for both men and women; they have strong, muscular builds.
  • Their size is further emphasized by their horns; all Ignean have at least one, but some have as many as six.
    • Ram-like horns are the most common for women and oxen-like horns are common for men, but there are many variations.
    • Horns are hard to break but once damaged, they regrow very slowly,
      • While bearing horns damaged in combat is considered a sign of greatness, deliberately removing or hiding your horns is heavily frowned upon.
      • The horns of criminals, debtors, slaves, and other "problem" individuals are ground down and branded; this is considered extremely shameful.
      • One or more horns may also be stolen by opponents if you are defeated in combat; the only way to reclaim your honor is to steal or earn your horn(s) back.

Abilities and Traits:

  • Natural Abilities:
    • Extended lifespan - Ignean can live up to 180 years.
    • Firepower - Ignean draw strength from volcanoes, lava flows, and geothermal vents.
    • Fire Eating - Ignean can eat fire, as well as redhot metals and stones, without discomfort and even gain nutrients/sustenance from them.
    • Bonding - Ignean typically bond with Pyropteras.
      • If you are joining your Ignean already bonded, you may join them with a Pyroptera; otherwise, they will usually need to bond with a standard Astrofel. Contact Signe if you have any questions!
  • Strengths:
    • Most Ignean excel at crafting weapons, armor, and tools from obsidian, metals, and lava.
    • Ignean can typically handle lava and other red hot substances barehanded.
  • Weaknesses:
    • Ignean experience extreme discomfort in, and have an deep fear of, cold, especially snow/blizzards.
      • The cold forces Ignean to slow down; they can even fall into a deep hibernation if they become too cold and will only wake when sufficiently warmed up.
    • Ignean are weak to Cryostones. These stones have a sapping effect on Ignean, quickly leeching away their inner heat. Prolonged contact can lead to temporary paralysis and extreme discomfort.

Society and Lifestyle:

  • Build settlements carved into volcanic rock and reinforced with metal.
  • They are organized into clans aligned with specific volcanoes that they maintain a deep connection with.
  • Ignean architecture is both functional and aesthetically stunning, with intricate patterns and designs etched into the volcanic walls.
  • Value honesty, justice, and strength. Personal disputes are often settled through sparring or contests of strength.
    • More serious disputes can be legally settled through combat with the match ending either at first blood or when one participant either dead or too damaged to continue.
  • Believe each individual possesses an eternal flame within their soul; this flame feeds their internal warmth and is a symbol of their willpower, their identity, and their connection to their homeland.
    • When an Ignean's physical body can no longer contain the intensity of their internal flame, they are consumed by it and turn to ash.
      • Their flame enters the heart of their clan's home volcano, becoming one with the Sacred Flame.
      • Their skull & horns, the only pieces of their physical body that remains after death, are often hung in their clan's Great Hall.

Relationship with Other Races:

  • Alliances: Zenoxi
  • Conflicts: Auren
  • Neutral: Volari, Rockfolk


Pyropteras are unique magical creatures native to Pyraheim; they are similar to, but different from, the Astrofel found on New Ognos and have an innate ability to bond with Ignean.

  • Pyropteras resemble medium-sized, feathered dragons with impressive wingspans and a regal presence.
    • Their feathers and eyes are typically fiery hues of red, orange, and gold; the rarest colors are blue and white.
    • Pyropteras feathers are fireproof, and their eyes are able to see clearly in even the smokiest of environments.
    • They possess striking crest feathers on their heads, which flare up when they display strong emotions.
    • Pyropteras express emotion by changing the color and intensity of their crest, as well as typical songbird sounds; their bonded can understand the meaning behind their songs as clearly as if they were having a direct conversation.
  • Adult Pyropteras are capable of carrying up to two fully grown adults.
    • Pyropteras are extremely fast and agile fliers; at high speed, their long tails leave behind a trail of firelight.
  • Bonding is initiated when an Ignean engages in battle with the Pyropteras and manages to pluck a feather from their chest; if the bond is accepted, the feather will curl around the Ignean's wrist and turn into a metal cuff matching the Pyropteras' colors.
    • The shine and strength of the cuff is determined by the relationship between partners.
    • An Ignean must prove worthy of a Pyroptera's companionship through acts of bravery, discipline, and honor. If disappointed, a Pyroptera will distance itself until its partner redeems themselves.
    • If the relationship decays or the bond is incompatible, the cuff will eventually shatter and both parties will experience profound grief.
      • Neither party can bond again for a period of two years, though they can re-establish their bond with one another immediately/at any time.
  • Earning a Pyroptera's trust and loyalty takes time and effort, but once earned they watch over their Ignean intensely and are always near when needed most.
    • Most Pyropteras are somewhat aloof and not overtly affectionate, but they are deeply devoted to their partner.
  • Pyropteras have a low birth rate, producing only one egg every six years, but they do not require a partner. Both male and female Pyropteras may produce eggs/raise offspring.
    • Pyropteras gather rare volcanic minerals and swallow them whole; the minerals gestate internally for one year before the Pyroptera regurgitates a single lava egg. The parent then incubates the egg in their chest feathers for 100 days, turning it regularly.
    • The chick hatches fully developed, and is even able to fly short distances.
    • Parent and chick remain closely bonded for three years while the parent teaches the chick survival skills, hunting techniques, and other important skills. The parent is fiercely protective, but will usually tolerate the presence of Ignean partners (their own or, if someone is brave/stupid enough to manage it, an Ignean who has bonded with the chick). After three years, the chick is ready to set out on their own.

Concept Images

Here are some examples of what Pyropteras might look like. It's okay to have a different interpretation as long as you get close to the description above.