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Pets serve as cherished companions that accompany your character across a myriad of experiences—from regular posts and engaging mini-games to special in-game events. Mirroring the diverse roles that pets play in our own lives on Earth, these faithful friends offer more than just companionship; they can also become invaluable partners and even trusted allies in the heat of battle.

About Pets

  • What's the difference between pets and Astrofel?
    • Pets are "normal" animals that do not typically come with special abilities -- without making special purchases, they can't communicate telepathically; aren't any more intelligent, bigger, or smaller than is possible for their species; can't have unnatural markings; etc. Pets can provide companionship and assistance with various tasks, but do not have the magical soul bond with Ognoshu like Astrofel do.
    • Astrofel, on the other hand, are magical creatures that take the form of an animal. They were native to Old Ognos and have a deep connection to the island's magic; start with the ability to access a unique tree of magic (Afflictions); and can be joined with, or will naturally develop over time, unique physical appearances.
  • Can I have pets AND an Astrofel? Yes, characters can have both pets and Astrofel -- Astrofel can even have pets of their own!
  • Is there a limit on how many pets a character can have? At this time there is no limit to how many pets each character can have, however, the number of pets able to be brought along for each mini-game and event may differ.

★ Earning Progression Points

This section was added April 12, 2024.

  • Each post you write that includes or mentions your character's pet will net you +3 points.
  • A character's point balance is automatically updated when you create a new post with the Pet Progression option selected.
    • Please notify Support using your private support channel if you incorrectly mark a post, so we can add/remove points as needed.
  • Collected points can be spent in the Pet Shop; access the Pet Shop through your pet profile.

Obtaining a Pet

  • Marketplace: Purchase pets direct from the Marketplace.
  • Adoption Center: A place where players can adopt abandoned pets for a fee; these pets are often less expensive than their Marketplace counterparts, but may have trauma backgrounds that makes bonding more challenging.
  • Breeding Program: Players can breed their pets to create offspring with different attributes.
  • Mini-Games & Events: Pets can be obtained through various means when participating in mini-games and events; some examples include:
    • Wild Encounters: Meet & befriend wild pets.
    • Rare Summoning: Complete special tasks for a chance to summon rare or mythical pets.
    • Alchemy: Create a pet using rare ingredients.
    • Lost and Found: Find lost pets and choose to return them or adopt them.
    • Quest Rewards: Special pets as rewards for completing quests.
    • Event Gifts: Seasonal or special event rewards.
    • NPC Gift: NPCs may gift you a pet after you help them.