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The below guide will help guide you through the character creation process; if you have any questions or concerns not covered in the guide, or need some assistance finding resources, please contact Signe (@signecinders) on Discord!

Coming to Ognos

Determining your character's background and their motivations can help you decide the potential directions for their growth! We've provided a few ideas for how, when, and why a character may have come to Ognos. We are totally open to alternate ideas, however, we may need to help you adapt them to the site's lore if they are too far from the options outlined below.

Standard Route Details
  • Most characters will be new arrivals in town, having come to New Ognos in the Third Wave of settlers; they will often be either:
    • Refugees returning to New Ognos after spending time in a Five Faction Kingdom OR
    • Former sea nomads coming ashore now that their home has been restored OR
    • Pioneers coming to New Ognos for the first time -- usually from one of the Five Faction Kingdoms OR
    • Characters returning home after spending time in Shaman
  • The Primordial Gods were so powerful that their visit to Ognos caused a time dilation that spread across the world. As such, characters returning from certain areas will have only been away from home for a few months, while others have been gone for decades -- they might even be the children or grandchildren of Ognoshu refugees coming "home" for the first time!
  • Members of this wave will typically be focusing on remapping, rebuilding, and resettling the island. During the recruitment period for the Wave, individuals with experience as explorers, adventurers, treasure hunters, miners, farmers, and researchers were in highest demand.
  • Most characters will likely be expected to join a group/team upon arrival; teams are usually between 3 and 6 people from different specializations who go out together to collect resources, scout the land, eliminate monsters and other threats, and/or perform other duties.
    • Teams can consist of player characters, non-player characters (NPCs), or a mix. For groups including NPCs, you can:
      • Create new NPCs at any time, even just one-off appearances in posts. If you like the NPC you've created and want them to be able to possibly be adopted by a player, and/or so they can earn their own rewards during mini-games and events, you can add them to our database.
      • Use any NPC in our database that is not already in a player-controlled group. These characters will earn their own rewards during mini-games and events if brought along.
    • You're welcome to create a solo character as well, just know this may be viewed as a bit odd -- possibly even suspicious -- by others.
Alternate Route Details
  • Some characters may be transported to Kinship from other places or times, typically after stumbling across ancient traps or tools left behind by the gods on their homeworld. Upon arrival, individuals will always become one of our core races unless the appropriate purchases are made from the Marketplace.
  • You can also create characters from the First or Second Waves, meaning they would be here longer and be more established than the new wave. At this time, there are no firm restrictions on how many First/Second Wave characters a player can join or adopt, and they do not require approval before joining, but we would prefer to keep these numbers lower at the start and may add a future cap if needed.
    • First Wave: Focused on establishing the town; primarily scout teams, resource assessors, military vanguards, terraformers, and architects.
    • Second Wave: Focused on expanding the infrastructure; primarily builders, merchants, craftsmen, bankers, and politicians.
Restricted Routes
  • During Ognos' destruction and subsequent repair/evolution into New Ognos, the land was believed to be devoid of all humanoid life, however, we are open to at least considering that a (very, very small) population or collection of individuals was able to hang on while everything happened. At this time, there would need to be a strong plot/reasoning for why this background is key to your character and discussion of their experiences before you would be authorized to join one. If you would like to explore this option, please contact Signe via DM!
  • Joining a character from elsewhere in Kinship (outside of the Five Faction Kingdoms) is currently not permitted. There are options to join characters from the Five Faction Kingdom races, though! This is explained in a section below.

Valinor's Blessing

  • As an apology from Valinor, each character will gain a Blessing when they land on New Ognos.
  • There are 68 possible blessings available from four tiers; Tier 1 blessings are the most common and Tier 4 blessings are the rarest.
    • The tier of blessing is randomly determined, but you can choose the specific power within that tier (a list will be DM'd to you when your character's tier is generated) or we can randomly generate the power if you prefer.
  • Blessings are formally known as "Valinor's Blessing of X" but are more commonly referred to by the "X" portion. Ex: Someone will Valinor's Blessing of Flow may say "I have Flow" while someone with Valinor's Blessing of Skystride may say "I'm a Skystrider".

★ Essence Shards

This section was updated April 10th, 2024.

  • The presence of the Primordial Ones was so potent that the latent magic energies within the island began to fracture and crystallize into physical form. These fragments are now known as Essence Shards.
    • The type of shard corresponds to the different magics that once flowed freely across Old Ognos.
      • Fire Shards contain the remnants of fire magic, Ice Shards hold fractured ice magic, and so on for other magic types.
  • Essence Shards can be found naturally in the world as actual physical items, or summoned/condensed from ambient energies by Astrofel of the appropriate Affliction, level, and experience.
    • In character:
      • Astrofel can eat natural shards or absorb them from the environment.
      • Essence Shards may cause disruptions in the natural environment, meaning collecting them is a priority; they often sell for a high price.
      • Ognoshu can also absorb Grand Essence Shards, which are created by combining a specific number of Essence Shards.
      • The concentrated energy within Essence Shards also grant them great alchemical and enchanting potential. This makes the shards highly sought after for crafting potions, talismans, and other magical implements.
    • Out of character:
      • Astrofel will earn a specific quantity of shards whenever they are included in a post (including solo posts); learn more in the Astrofel guide.
      • Essence Shards and Grand Essence Shards can be found through mini-games, as event rewards, etc.; they will usually be automatically used to grant a Talent or specialized reward, rather than stored as something else you have to track!

Joining a Human

  • Humans typically have both a first and last name.
  • Most humans are born with the ability to summon and control a small number of nanites.
    • Nanites allow for very minor interactions with the environment, for example, forming a small temporary bandage; behaving like telekenesis for small/light objects; or acting as a weak scanner.
    • One's control over their nanites is typically at its most unstable during puberty and strongest in old age.
    • A user's condition can also change how strong their control is; for example, some people experience stronger/smoother control while pregnant, others might lose control of their nanites easily if stressed or upset. This varies from person to person; one person's weakness might be another's strength and vice versa!
    • Characters can choose to study nanites by opting into the Character Progression System; this allows characters to create and control more nanites that are stronger and "smarter" than average.
  • Characters may choose to alter their appearance; hair dye, color contacts, etc. are all permitted -- please include a character's natural air/eye color in the designated sections and mention the use of alterations in the Detailed Appearance section.
  • Typically, Humans will have a "natural" appearance, meaning they have the same eye, hair, and skin variations as on Earth, however, each character may be joined with a single appearance-only trait.
    • Appearance-Only Traits allow you some more creative control over the appearance of your character and are commonly altered using technology, surgery, or other "high tech"/scifi manipulation of the body. They provide no offensive or defensive abilities. Options include, but are not limited to:
      • Cosmetic cybernetic eyes - Allows for various colors, shapes, or artistic designs that don't provide enhanced vision
      • Cybernetic hair - Hair that can change color or looks unusual, like flowing tentacles or fiber optic strands
      • Luminescent skin - Skin that faintly glows or has embedded LEDs to create decorative patterns
      • Holographic tattoos - Tattoos that appear to move or change shape on the skin
      • Metallic-colored skin/designs - Weak, shiny metallic coating on parts of the skin for aesthetic purposes
      • Embedded jewelry - Cybernetic jewelry like ear studs, facial piercings, or body chains that are surgically embedded
      • Programmable hair/eye color - Ability to change hair or eye color on command through cyberware
      • Decorative subcranial lights - Small lights embedded under the skin of the scalp or face
  • Humans typically cannot use magic or shapeshift.

Joining a Valka

  • Valka typically have a first name only, however, they may adopt surnames based on their Clan or career.
  • Most Valka are born with the ability to connect with the natural world, granting them access to magic.
    • Basic magic allows Valka to interact with the natural world, for example, summoning small colored lights (will-o-wisp); instinctively knowing when plants need light or water; being able to more easily approach wild animals; or having an minor affinity for your animal form.
    • Magic is seen as the living, innate counterpart to each person, originating from the natural world. Like two sides of one coin, a mage's magic is an individual entity that is still part of their being. Mages can deepen their bond with their magic through meditation, time in nature, or clan-specific rituals.
    • A mage's magic can even manifest a distinct "personality". For example, someone deeply connected to fire may have forceful, quick-burning magic allowing huge -- but very draining -- power surges. Others may have wild, animalistic magic requiring firm but gentle coaxing for cooperation.
    • Characters can choose to study magic by opting into the Character Progression System; this allows characters stronger and more specialized control of their magic, as well as a deeper internal "well" of magic to draw from.
  • Characters may choose to alter their appearance; hair dye, color contacts, etc. are all permitted -- please include a character's natural air/eye color in the designated sections and mention the use of alterations in the Detailed Appearance section.
  • Valka have two forms: a True Form and a humanoid form. Their True Form is typically that of a single modern Earth animal, which they usually transition fully in to. Their alternate form will appear similar to a human, however, they be joined with either up to two appearance-only traits OR one physical enhancement based on their animal form.
    • Appearance-Only Traits are basically carryovers from their animal's form, for example, a character may retain their wolf tail while another might have hair resembling their animal form's fur. These cannot offer any offensive or defensive abilities, and must be based off of their True Form (a cat Valka can't have canine traits naturally, for example). Options include, but are not limited to:
      • Retaining animal ears - A fox Valka might have large fox ears. Does not provide enhanced hearing; replaces "human" ears.
      • Tails - Keeping a bushy wolf tail or long feline tail for aesthetic purposes. Cannot be prehensile.
      • Patches of fur - Having fur in places like the forearms, chest, or lower legs as an homage to their animal form.
      • Feline eyes - Cat-like eyes with slit pupils or unusual eye colors. Does not provide enhanced vision.
      • Canine nose - A small canine nose. Does not provide enhanced sense of smell.
      • Avian feathers - Having decorative feathers in the hair or emerging from the forearms/calves.
      • Fish scales - Iridescent scale patches on parts of the skin.
      • Tusks/horns - Small vestigial tusks or horns like an ox Valka. Not intended for combat.
    • Physical Enhancements are more powerful carryovers, that can offer abilities or benefits to the character; these must be based off of the character's True Form. Options include, but are not limited to:
      • Prehensile tail - A monkey Valka may have a long, dexterous tail able to grasp objects.
      • Enhanced strength - A bear Valka might have greater physical strength.
      • Natural armor - Thick hide or scales could act as armor, like an armadillo or rhino Valka.
      • Enhanced speed/reflexes - Fast feline reflexes or a cheetah's running speed.
      • Powerful jaws/fangs - Strong enough to bite through tough materials.
      • Improved vision - Raptor-like long-distance sight or panoramic vision.
      • Enhanced hearing/smell - Wolf-like sense of hearing or smell.
      • Climbing digits - Gecko-like sticky pads on the fingers for climbing.
      • Venom - Fangs or stingers that can inject venom to incapacitate foes.
      • Gills/enhanced swimming - For aquatic animal forms like sharks or dolphins.
      • Natural weapons - Horns, quills, or porcupine-like spikes for defense.
  • Valka typically cannot interface with technology.

Joining Other Races (optional)

Players may also purchase access to less common lineages such as Amalgam (Human-Valka hybrids) or Telaspa (anthropomorphic Valka), as well Five Faction Kingdom races, from our Marketplace. However, joining as a non-core race requires submitting an application and receiving explicit approval from our support team. Approved characters may have access to unique progression and joining options but may also be subject to stronger restrictions in order to help maintain game balance. Please contact our support team if you are interested!

Time / Seasons (optional)

  • Time is quite flexible, allowing players control over their character's age and relationships. You can freely age up characters, fast-forward time periods, or refer to a character's past at any point.
  • We also offer Seasonal Events for those interested in synchronized storytelling. By completing themed challenges and tagging posts, you opt-in to collective world progression and earning prizes.
    • Benefits of participating in Seasons:
      • Sitewide Unlocks - Drive community goals like new shop items, talents, landmarks, and events.
      • Personal Rewards - Each of your seasonal posts gives you a chance at themed prizes, site currency, sitewide progress, and more.
      • Coordinated Storytelling - Seasons let you align your character's experiences with other players for a shared timeline.
  • Seasons are 100% optional! You can choose when to participate by tagging relevant posts -- you can switch back to fluid time for other threads whenever you need/want to.

Mayor Position (optional)

  • The royal family acted very nobly during the fall of Ognos, staying on for as long as possible to try and save as many lives as possible. Their flagship was seen departing from the island just moments before utter destruction, however, no one seems to be entirely certain whether or not they were aboard or where they fled to. At this time, they have not returned to New Ognos.
  • In the interim, Pyronmouth has a Mayor. Mayors may be from any race, sex, social status, and Guild. Their duties include, but are not limited to:
    • Overseeing the day-to-day operations and administration of the town government. This includes managing budgets, setting policies, hiring/firing of town employees, etc.
    • Enforcing town laws and ordinances. The Mayor would have authority over the town guard/law enforcement to maintain order.
    • Officiating town activities and ceremonies. The Mayor could host town halls, give speeches at events, ribbon cuttings, etc.
    • Meeting with citizens to hear grievances and settle disputes. Holding "office hours" where citizens can voice concerns.
    • Coordinating response in times of emergency or crisis. Being the point person to make important decisions for the safety of the town.
    • Making proclamations and executive orders. The Mayor can issue decrees and mandates for the town within certain limits.
    • Chairing town council meetings. The Mayor would set agenda and run the meetings of any town council or advisory boards.
    • Acting as diplomat on behalf of the town. Meeting with nobles, guilds, or other leaders to represent the town's interests.
    • Granting pardons, titles, and licenses. The Mayor has authority to bestow special privileges within reason.
    • Issuing taxes and fees. The Mayor can raise or lower taxes on goods, services, property, etc.
  • Both in character and out of character, this duty will cycle between individuals. At the moment, we plan to have this duty cycle every 2 real-life months.
    • Players can opt to have their characters enter the Mayor Lotto; this can be a conscious decision the character made to volunteer for, or something that gets forced on them.
    • Both player characters and NPCs can hold the position, however, it will be weighted more towards player characters.
    • While there is an oversight board (a collection of anonymous citizens from various races and positions), Mayors will have a lot of power while they hold the position. This includes the ability to set laws, pardon or punish criminals, raise taxes, grant or remove titles, etc. There is some room for abuse, embezzlement, etc.
      • Characters may be randomly selected for the oversight board, you will be notified via DM in this case.
    • At the end of each Mayor's session, we can vote on any laws they passed to formalize them. If formalized, future Mayors will need to hold a vote to remove/undo the law; they can otherwise keep or scrap any laws made by predecessors.

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